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"Optimistic Energy"

For Fall/Winter 2023/24, there are key colors that point to optimistic energy about rebuilding and reconstructing our futures contrasted by calming and healing tones needed to balance the transition. 

Confidence will return and vibrant, energizing colors will resonate, connecting to travel and discovery, reigniting the imagination. In contrast, healing and settling tones will appeal to those seeking to calm and rebalance their body and mind.


Here are the colors I have included in my


Named as the color of the year for 2023,

DIGITAL LAVENDER is a calming and soft lilac shade that is "soothing" and "restful".  

APRICOT CRUSH, a warm, bright, luminous peachy shade of orange, reflects optimism and a unifying energy and playfulness. It is both restorative and energizing bridging the differences between genders and age groups as we collectively reconstruct our visions for the future. 
SAGE LEAF, a settling shade of green is reflective of the need to balance overstimulated lives with colors that help reduce anxiety and stress levels in the brain.

A smart shade for elevated basics that exudes a sense of refined comfort. It is said to be a color that "instills a sense of contemplation, rest, and reflection". 

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